Beijing Renji Clinic of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

Established in 2002, the clinic specializing in the treatment of bone and injury diseases is led by Professor Meng Qinglin, who enjoys the special allowance of The State Council. Over the past decade, countless patients at home and abroad have recovered their health.

The clinic has a strong team of experts, clinical research center, clinical exchange center, etc., for a variety of difficult diseases can achieve the most comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, so that patients get the maximum degree of recovery.

Scope of diagnosis and treatment:
Diagnosis and treatment of recurrent cervical disc herniation after surgery
Diagnosis and treatment of recurrent lumbar intervertebral disc herniation after operation
Diagnosis and treatment of recurrent cervical spinal stenosis after operation
Diagnosis and treatment of recurrent lumbar spinal stenosis after surgery
Back and leg pain caused by lumbar spondylolisthesis
Emergency diagnosis and treatment of cervical spondylosis at acute spinal injury stage
Diagnosis and treatment of knee meniscus injury pain
Neck headache, dizziness
Bone and joint injuries
Soft tissue injury
Cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation and other spinal related diseases
Fracture reduction and fixation

Characteristic diagnosis and treatment:
1. Focus on health: Provide patients with professional health services, constantly break through problems, and make remarkable achievements;
2. One doctor and one patient: Respect the privacy of patients, implement one-to-one diagnosis and treatment mode, strictly keep confidentiality of each patient, prevent privacy disclosure;
3, fees open and transparent: put an end to all arbitrary charges, and accept the supervision of the masses and regulatory authorities;