Qinglin treating patients from all parts of the country for many years were hung over the walls of Renji Orthopaedics.


Presently many group photos of patients who ever come here for treatment are hung on the walls of Renji Orthopaedics Treatment Room. In some of these photos, there are many celebrities and foreign friends who come here by plane for treatment.


When Meng Qinglin acted as President of Beijing Chaobaihe Orthopedics Hospital, he put forward firstly “diseases related to spine”medically in his book of Icones of Treatment Manipulation of Soft Tissue Injury.

In the Spring Festival of last year, when famous singer Dong Wenhua prepared to other place for performance, she had an attack of thoracic vertebra disease, and she was recommended to come our center for treatment. Only one times of treatment, she had good curative effect. Therefore she gave me her CD of the latest songs by herself for expressing her thanks.”