In 1985, Professor Meng Qinglin founded Beijing Chaobaihe Orthopedics Hospital which is the first orthopaedics specialized hospital of Shunyi. Doctors from many hospitals in the city specially came to the hospital for further education, even medical students from Japan and Africa ever came to the hospital for study, and doctors from Brazil and Korean ever came here for seeing patients under the instructions of Professor Meng Qinglin. The researched results such as diseases related to spine, failure of reduction for protrusion of lumbar disc herniation clinically healed, etc.were put forward firstly by Professor Meng Qinglin when he acted as president of Beijing Chaobaihe Orthopedics Hospital, therefore CCTV made a personal exclusive interview for President Meng Qinglin. And the Mengs treatment methods created by Professor Meng Qinglin was also spread over many patients and doctors, and lots of patients were attracted to come here for treatment. “it costs only one 30th to 50th of operation expense, without operative pain, and many patients for postoperative recovery came to our hospital for conservative treatment.”

With both a benevolent mind and heart, doctors of Renji Orthopaedics have high reputation in Shunyi. Lately, one old man had an attack of sudden cardiac arrest by the main road of East Shiyuan Park, then doctors of Renji Orthopaedics received the call of neighborhood committee, and rushed into the site immediately to rescue the old man. A female doctor felt exhausted with very red knees due to first aid with knee on the ground for a long time,only standing up with the assistance of other doctors. Although the old man ultimately died, the spirit of doctors won the praise of the crowds. Later, Party Branch of East Shiyuan Park gave a silk banner for expressing thanks.